Which Brands Have Nailed Their Brand Strategy and Risen To The Top?


Just because you have a brand strategy does mean you will win the race. Brand strategy is the only good step; implementing it is the second step. Successful brands do not just stick to a single strategy; they review and adjust their strategies according to changing market trends and technology. Business strategies are challenging to get straight, especially regarding the attribution trick. 

Top Brand Strategies

Top brands design their strategies to meet new challenges and set new benchmarks. Keeping your head out of the heart is only possible if you know your customers and mold your strategy that suits new demands. The success stories of all famous brands have a single common factor: a brand strategy. They were brave enough to think out of the box to design and implement strategies that gave them a competitive edge. If your plans are not working well, join hands with us at alivea  and create a road map that will lead to a high-achieving brand strategy. 


In 2011, Coca-Cola introduced its famous ‘Share a Coke’ campaign, which targeted millennial. Which was an instant hit as it successfully triggered sales by attracting the young generation. The campaign success is readily measurable because Coca-Cola sales increased in the states after a four-year gap.

Coca-Cola created a sense of relevance among the new generation through this campaign, creating affection and longing towards the brand. They even introduced a dedicated web link for sharing a coke campaign.


Have you ever wondered if Amazon knows you well? Because you only see what you are looking for when you open your amazon page. The matter of fact is that Amazon’s algorithms are so robust that you cannot look away once you are on their website. Such a highly individualized brand strategy has put a shift in Amazon’s profits.

Most e-commerce stores now use the same patterns to keep track of their users’ searches on different social media platforms, which generate highly customized recommendations for each individual.


Tiktok has taken video making to another level, becoming the highest downloaded app for the year 2021. Their strategy of targeting youth through short videos happened to be a big success. Tiktok offered the child to have a visual mission statement of them. 

TikTok efficiently and effectively plants its brand strategy with excellent effects and easy usage. With the right tools for the right target audience, they could supersede their expectations.


Undoubtedly the most valuable brand globally, Apple has achieved everything a brand can wish for. Try observing Apple’s ads on any platform, and you will follow each face that is energetic, young, calm, and vibrant. They achieved reliability tag in a highly vulnerable online world. 

And this reliability is delivered through their products. They accomplished the old school creating a need and fulfilling its theory by offering innovation, trust, high-quality products, marketing, and after-sale service.


Having a strategy is very different from successfully implementing it. We may think of it as a stroke of luck, but even fortune favors the brave. Above mentioned famous brands developed brand strategies through creative agencies and technology and nailed them to perfection.



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