5 Indicators to Upgrade Your Brand Identity


Change is inevitable, and so is the case with top brands. Once a brand, always a brand strategy does not work in today’s dynamic business market. Therefore it becomes essential for businesses to keep tabbing their brand identity. We have seen business tycoons vanishing from the market because they thought they were too big to fall.

It is the most powerful tool to express who you are, what you do, and how you do it. Successful brands keep on assessing their brand’s visual identity. Simply having a brand identity does not mean it depicts your current company’s current state of affairs. 

Therefore having a cohesive brand identity is of utmost importance to the overall success. If you face problems identifying whether your brand is aligned with your identity, please reach out to us at aliveaA team of experts will evaluate internal and external factors to suggest how to upgrade your brand identity.

Indicators to shift brand identity

If you visit your closet, you will find clothes which are not relevant anymore. Just having them does not mean they fit in properly with changing times. Similar is the case with a brand identity. Every business has its life cycle, and to remain top of the order, they must demonstrate foresight when it’s time to refresh.

It is simple to identify why things are going well; however, it is difficult to determine when things aren’t going right. Incoming lines, we will discuss indicators that may ring the bell requiring a shift in business strategy.

  • Misfit Logo

If you have a logo that does not truly depict your brand essence, you are under threat of losing customers. The world is ever-changing; with the internet running the branding show in modern times, it is vital to invest in website development. A simple, easy-to-identify, and vibrant colored logo will profit your brand by enhancing its value. Just take a look at modern brands,’ and you will find they are not complex relatively easy on the eyes.

  • Visual Identity

Visual identity may sound like a new factor, but it is essential with an ever-changing dynamic business environment. Put yourself into the customer’s shoes and look at your brand as a new customer. You will get all the answers as to where your brand stands identity-wise. So, modern branding campaigns always have an aesthetic version of the brand identity. In short, never look like your competitor. 

  • Emotional Connection

Customers who have an emotional attraction towards a brand are twice valuable compared to new ones. An emotional connection is the result of careful campaign development. It is essential to study customers and design online portals accordingly.

  • Content Marketing   

Marketing is core to a business’s success; content marketing has superseded conventional marketing over the past decade. To compete with current online business scenarios, you must align your strategies to challenge new marketing trends. If you do not develop content marketers for your brand, you have no option but to kick yourself out of the competition.

  • Unclear Messaging

As Donald Miller once said, ‘nobody remembers a company that confuses them.’ If your brand is vision and mission are not identical to your brand promise, or your website offers a customer-oriented solution. It would be best to search out for other options to fit your brand identity.


It’s no surprise that having a clear brand image coupled with strong content marketing, proper campaign development, visual identity, and a well-crafted website can help the brand regain its true identity.  





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