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Inspired by a play on the word ‘cocktail’ and handmade cork wallets at a flea market overseas, Cork Tale is a fresh, young brand which sells lifestyle products made from smooth cork fabrics, such as coin purses, lanyards and wallets. By using cork, a natural byproduct from trees to tell a story, Cork Tale aims to educate consumers about the environmental benefits of living a sustainable lifestyle.


Cork Tale positions itself as an entry point for consumers to purchase environmentally friendly products with its affordable range of everyday fashion essentials. Not only are the accessories aesthetically pleasing, the cork fabrics are made from thin cork shavings obtained directly from the bark of the cork oak tree and are smooth and mold resistant.


The client requested a modern and vibrant take on its brand identity that would appeal to younger, savvier female shoppers who love supporting local, design-driven brands. The project itself consisted of a whole suite of brand identity: including the design of Cork Tale’s brand logo, packaging and stationery. The name cards were printed using white art card materials in 300gsm.


We kept Cork Tale’s identity fresh by staying away from stereotypical greens and browns reminiscent of other eco-friendly brands and opting for a softer colour palette. We instead chose pastel yellow, blue and pink colours–the resulting mix of a Wes Anderson-esque palette that screams understated sophistication to attract a millennial audience.


Typography was kept similarly simple with a playful sans serif font for a minimalist look with a twist. The font selected was HK Grotesk for the body with a custom hand drawn font for the Cork Tale logo itself. We especially added curved lines to the letters T and A in the logo to resemble branches, and to show the inclusiveness and sustainability of the brand.


The end result was a refreshing take on a typical minimalist brand brief that suited Cork Tale’s mainly young female audience with the use of simple but lively colours, fonts and materials.