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The True Behind K-POP Marketing Strategy

Hey, are you a K-POP fan? Who is your bias in K-POP? Do you want to know a little secret about K-POP?

Even though you are not a fan or even a hater, you must have heard it. K-POP songs also now like to be played in public places such as restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, and other public places.

The K-POP industry has succeeded in presenting thousands of songs from groups, bands, soloists. Some of them are still active and well known today with millions of fans. K-POP industry success contributes income to companies up to ten million dollars. One of these companies is HYBE (Big Hit Entertainment) which houses the very famous KPOP boy band BTS. HYBE can earn 15.8 billion KRW ($14 million) for the first quarter of 2021 ( Korea Portal )

Many people have mistaken that the success of the K-POP industry is only because of the luck of the Korean Wave. However, K-POP actually would fail if these K-POP companies don’t succeed in implementing unique marketing strategies. With this strategy, they can make K-POP famous around the world as it is today.

Curious about how we can apply the KPOP industry marketing strategy to our businesses? Let’s find out!


Social media marketing is the key

Social media has a huge role as one of the keys to the marketing success of the K-POP industry itself. The content marketing for K-POP started in 2003 in social media. For example, Myspace was a very popular social media back then. Seeing the great potential of social media content marketing, they tried to design their social media strategy effectively. They tried to build an online fandom to maintain strong engagement.

To implement this strategy, the company will create a social media page for their talents. This page contains videos of their time at home, backstage preparation for concerts, dance and singing practice sessions, and their routines as performers. They post trailers and teasers of their upcoming album, single, or show. These things will make them more relatable and provide hints and hints about their new activities to make fans excited.

You can use this strategy starts with creating social media pages for your business. For example, The first content that you post talks about your company and products. Above all, you can tell them from your daily routines in the office or how to produce the product until launch. In addition, you can create some testimonial content. This content can be obtained by chatting or interviewing some of your loyal clients or customers. After that, You can ask them to share the benefits they get from using your services or products to increase your brand value.



Building the Brand Identity

Previously, we explained the importance of building a brand in The Importance of Branding and Branding Agency in Today’s Society In this paragraph, we will talk about brand identity. The KPOP industry is genius in uniquely building its brand identity. They do it by holding auditions looking for talented candidates and developing them to become groups or solo artists. Most companies are willing to spend their time and money to hold auditions. 

But in reality, this strategy has proven effective in shaping their brand identity and attracting the attention of many people. Therefore, they will share content such as teaser photos, practice clips, behind-the-scenes videos on social media. It will promote their brand concept to target customers indirectly.

Companies will try to build hype and curiosity of their target consumers. They will use various digital marketing channels to promote auditions gradually. One of the many social media is Twitter which is exploding with trending topics and hashtags related to the artist. The trend was created by the official fanbase account and rose to the top of world trends every time.

As a business owner or marketer, you can create your business brand identity as unique as the K-POP industry by creating hype and curiosity to target consumers. For instance, You can create product teasers to make your target consumers anticipate new products or services from your company. Moreover, you can also make your unique marketing strategy as needed to attract target consumers. Finally, the consumers will think to buy or use the product or service even though the product or service hasn’t launched yet.



Keep the long-term engagement with your potential customers.

What keeps the K-pop industry alive is their passionate fans supporting their idols. These KPOP fans have a unique fanbase name for their KPOP idol fans. They will save up for their idols. After that, they are willing to spend a lot of money to buy expensive gifts and send donations for their idols.

As a marketer, you don’t need to create a fan base like in the KPOP industry. However, you should know more about your target consumers and build relationships with them as much as possible using social media. You must be ready to upscale your brand value in marketing by building closer relationships with them by holding meetings, FGD, and celebrating your achievements with your loyal customers. Don’t forget you couldn’t have reached this milestone without their support and always listen to what they want in a product and respond to their comments, requests, and judgments.

June 2021 – by Chan Febriyan

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