The Impact of Sales Promotion and Product Branding on Company Performance


Product Branding – Profitable sales are core to any business’s survival; there is no growth without sales. Moving back to ancient times, even in the barter system, it was impossible to exchange stuff if you had not let other sellers know about your product. It possibly was the first sales promotion activity.

Poor decision-making contributes to the failure of business organizations. Customers are unhappy, and investors are losing money. Customers are discouraged, and this is detrimental to the economy. There are different reasons elaborated for these problems, ranging from high prices and little or no inducement to buy to ineffective promotional activity by the management. 

So, promotion is the lifeline for generating sales, thus accumulating profits and positively affecting the company’s performance. And vice versa, any company that opts not to have product branding is bound not to attract new customers and is in danger of losing existing customers.

Sales promotion is the way of gaining a competitive advantage over the competition. However, it is not that simple; organizations must have effective and efficient sales promotion strategies to generate sales. If you struggle to design an operative sales promotion and product branding strategy, we can help you have one. You can quickly contact us at aliveaand we will analyze your current system and advise you necessary changes required to enhance your performance.

Sales Promotion and Product Branding

Sales promotion uses a short-term campaign or offers to enhance or interest a particular product or service. However, product branding focuses long term benefits by generating loyal customers. Let us look at different techniques and their impact on company performance.

  • Advertising

 Advertising remains the most common type of promoting a product. It is done through mass media avenues and targets a large population. Companies sometimes deem it unnecessary to advertise when their brands have already achieved great success without them. It is impersonal and communicates with a large number of people. Advertising is used for both sales promotion and product branding. 

  • Personal Selling

Personal selling is done through two-way communication. It is done through face-to-face meetings or via online communication tools. It is one of the best tools to stay in touch with customers after delivering the product or service.

  • Public Relation

Public relations are staying in touch with customers by looking after the nature and quality of relationships. It is a helpful tool in creating and maintaining corporate identity and image. Through charitable involvements, like sponsorship and corporate social responsibility activities, organizations can create an image that will benefit them in the long run.


It is safe to conclude that all sales promotions and product branding always positively impact company performance. Therefore alivea is one of the best platforms that can resolve your business issues and give you a profitable solution regarding your system. At times, they may reduce profit margins, but these promotional activities help companies outperform their competition in the long run.


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