Skylar and Associates


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Brand Identity



Brief Description


For Skylar and Associates, this was a rebranding project for their boutique tax company to create a new logo, name card and letterhead design. As the client was previously servicing smaller startups and businesses, the shift towards handling larger companies with more corporate tax services required a more professional look for their brand.


Established as a Singapore-registered tax company, Skylar and Associate provides local and international corporate income tax, Goods and Services Tax (GST), personal income tax, withholding tax and stamp duty advisory services to individuals and businesses.


With 8 years of assisting businesses with statutory tax filings, disputes and strategies, bookkeeping, work visa and nominee services, as well as expanding into corporate secretarial, payroll, management consulting and administrative services, the client decided it was time for a new look as they began handling larger MNC and law firms. 


Thus, following the client’s suggestion for a more serious, monotone corporate look, we thoughtfully selected new brand colours for their logo — a dark navy to symbolise trustworthiness and professionalism and white as a contrast.


A custom font was designed for the client with the letter S as the focal point for the typography. As colours were kept to a minimum, we chose to elevate the brand through the illusion of an embossed effect on the letter S logo mark that distinguished it from other brand logos. Not only did this display the brand’s unique identity, it also boldly declared what the company stood for with this singular letter.


Meanwhile, the Skylar and Associates company name was kept muted through the use of sans serif font for a strong and uncluttered look. We also juxtaposed the two brand colours on each side of the name cards and letterhead to continue the bold and direct aesthetic.


Overall, the new brand identity helped Skylar and Associates create that instant, visual transformation to convey their company’s move towards a serious, professional tone without having to utter a single word.