Sandra Co.


Sandra Co.




Brand Identity


Bali, Indonesia

Brief Description

For this project, the client wanted to develop a brand identity from scratch for their creative design consultancy Sandra Co, including a brand logo, name cards and stationery. Sandra Co provides layout and interior design consultancy services to retail stores in Bali, Indonesia.


With the brief to create something simple and memorable, we decided to put the emphasis on highlighting brand colours and fonts.


We chose an understated yet elegant dark pink that could be professional and also approachable for the brand colours. The brand logo was highlighted with a sans serif font with bold emphasis on the word Sandra on the dark pink background.


We carefully placed the minimalist logo on all marketing collaterals and stationery, especially leaving lots of empty white space to ensure a clean and effortless touch.


Although it is a simple and pared down concept, the starkness and contrast of colours and font effects created a tasteful and appropriate brand identity for SandraCo for the client’s overall business and positioning.