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Brief Description

Saint Clare School is an educational institute with a mission to teach children with special needs and enable them to become contributing members of their communities. The school helps children discover their natural talents and implements strategies to prepare them for independent lives outside of school. Some of the learning difficulties include learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit disorder, dyslexia, Down’s syndrome and other disorders.


The client’s brief was to standardize all their current collaterals including their website for more uniform and seamless branding throughout. With a new outlook for the client’s brand identity, the school wanted increased focus on outcome-based results, for example, the ability of the students to take care of themselves instead of output-oriented goals, such as the ability of students to pass examinations.


The current Saint Clare website needed an image overhaul, as it has a more goal-oriented, professional impression, but based on the new brand proposition and identity, it wasn’t a suitable fit anymore. Instead what was required was a site that evoked more warmth and approachability for their audience.


For the project, we created a brand new website with a more lifestyle feel to it – with real, candid images of students, coloured with muted, soft tones, and copy redirected towards a focus on the supportive and beneficial environment in the school. Instead of just telling potential students what the school does, it taps directly into the school’s mission of why it wants to help students with special learning needs.


The whole project based its focus on how going to Saint Clare would benefit its potential students with a new directed flow of the website. With a longer page spread and information divided neatly into sections, the website now reads like a blog, giving voice to what it was like to go through a day in the life of an actual student at Saint Clare. We also ensured that site layout was kept clean and uncluttered to emphasize the point about focusing on the benefits of the students. This is aligned with the school’s mission of supporting its students first.


The school’s softer approach also gave rise to the use of subtle, muted greys and blues to make the site more inviting and pleasing to the eye. We also chose a more serious serif font to show credibility and the fact that the school was concerned about educating their students. With all elements being pared down, the site continues to showcase exactly what is at the heart of the school – namely, their students.