Red Riding Hood – Visual Book


Red Riding Hood




Editorial Design and Illustration



Brief Description

Red Riding Hood is such a classic children’s story that’s been redone many times. When the client came to us with the brief to recreate the illustration for a children’s book cover, we knew we had to deliver a fantastic result for him. The client’s goal was to create a more demure Red Riding Hood and a playful wolf as part of the custom illustrations and we got down to work on how to make this story more accessible for those who are new to the tale. We want to create a look that made Red Riding Hood fresh and whimsical for new readers and still familiar to parents reading the book.


From the start, we selected a playful handwritten font script, that signalled a light-hearted tone to the book. To appeal to children, we kept it full of vibrant colours, choosing a sea of red tones for the overall background colour.  Meanwhile, the illustrations were highly stylized with an artsy, rustic look with broad swathes of colour. We kept the focus on Red Riding Hood by emphasizing her long cape, the wolf by her side and some plants for effect in the background. All illustrations were filled with colour giving a more personalised, hand-painted touch to the art. 


The result was a dynamic illustration with movement and vibrant colours, but at the same time recalling the classics of an era long forgotten. A playful children’s story redone– with whimsy and playfulness for the children of our generation.