Food and Beverage


Brand Identity



Brief Description

Meaning Grapefruit in French, Pamplemousse is a takeaway store that offers healthy fruit salads using exotic tropical fruits like rambutan, mangosteen, water apple, salad, guava, and starfruit. The brand wants to bring back its customers’ love for fruits through their salads and reintroduce these delicious, healthy items into people’s diets.


For starters, we chose yellow and green brand colours for a more organic feel and a clean, fresh aesthetic to represent the brand. We also added detailed, botanical-style illustrations of grapefruits as part of their takeaway packaging design. Brightly-coloured and meticulously hand-drawn, the illustrations show just how knowledgeable and serious that brand is about the quality of their food.


We created a custom font for their brand logo, deciding on a playful cursive script with intricate lettering. Each letter was designed to symbolise the roundness and abundance of fruits. The  tails of the letter ‘p’ and ‘e’ at the beginning and end of the brand name were extended in a circular, all-encompassing direction to depict wholeness and the wide array of exotic fruits that the brand offered. This unique custom font was imprinted all over on their name cards and packaging.


The challenge in this project was really about capturing Pamplemousse’s unique personality and still appeal to a broad spectrum of users.  However, as their brand consultants, we made sure to selectively focus on amplifying certain design elements like the brand logo, while keeping the rest of the layout and designs minimal. What emerged was an invigorating and attractive brand identity for a new food business.