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Brand Identity



Brief Description

A new client from Denmark, Lyserød, required a full brand identity project for their wine brand – including their logo, bottle top and wine labels, and packaging. Inspired by a drop of wine, we took this simple concept and enlarged it into a full-bodied branding project.


For the font, we chose a minimal, sans serif type to keep the focus clean. The wordings were intersected by a singular drop of wine to depict the simplicity and elegance of the brand.


In contrast, the rest of the wine label used a combination of pink waves, dots and shades to showcase the lightness and fruitiness of the white wine. From a single drop, we explored the idea of the different textures and layers through the motion of the pink waves and its different shades.


For the branded paper bags, we did the inverse and kept the spotlight on the brand logo with a highlighted red drop from the top of the white paper bag. Thus both the wine and paper bags kept to the classy and elegant theme of the Lyserød brand.


Who knew that a simple visual idea could give rise to a complex product packaging idea but still remain very approachable towards the end consumer? This project allowed us the opportunity of understanding the client’s product concept and being able to translate that visually in a fuss-free and refined way.