Famous Tech Companies Logo Evolution


Logos are to companies’ identity as a name to a person. They form a point of identification for a brand. Logos are used as a branding tool by famous brands as they want consumers’ minds to have a memory of them which is highly achieved through a logo. However, logos never stay stagnant; they keep evolving with tech evolution. 

A century ago, logos were hand-painted, and then came the printing press, and logos design out of new technologies. Nowadays, computers create logos to meet and depict modern brands’ capabilities. At alivea, we empower your brand by symbolizing your products and services into a uniquely recognizable logo, which lasts in the target customer’s mind without the hassle of hundreds of lines and copywriting.

A case study done by Forbes highlights the importance of having a suitable logo. The study states that logos depict what a famous brand offers its customers. They are as important as the product or service it. Logos constantly have evolved. For instance, renowned tech companies, which we may find to have come to existence a few years ago only, have been around for as long of a period as an entire century. Let us look at how these brands were formed and how their logo evolution took place.

  • Xeros
  • IBM


It was founded over a century ago by ‘Haloid Photographic Company’ in 1906. To meet new challenges, the company changed its name to Haloid Xeros and then to Xeros in 1961. Similarly, with the name change, the company’s product line shifted from producing photographic papers to becoming one of the leading business processing and document management firms. 

Just as the name and product kept on aligning itself with changing times, so went the logo evolution. We bet you cannot guess Xeros’s first logo, which kept on evolving for years, eventually reached shape in 2008. A lower case font shows a user-friendly interface with two striped ‘X’ covering a red sphere, very unlike their first black & white logo.  


Let us shift our focus to another tech giant – IBM. It is pretty surprising to know the fact that IBM’s roots can easily trace back to 1888. IBM’s current famous brand name (short for International Business Machines Corp) came into the limelight in 1924. IBMs’ first logo was never a success despite depicting the firm’s branding and services which eventually got replaced in 1947 by simple primary letters in bold, understated format. 

Mr. Paul Rand designed IBM’s current logo, which depicts the brand’s authority written in capital letters. The current logo was introduced in 1972 and shared its promise of simplicity, integrity, and speed in its blue and white stripe logo. No logo evolution case study is complete without the famous brand of Microsoft. 1975 is when Microsoft came into being and has never looked back since then. 

Today, it is undoubtedly the largest software-making company in the world. The first logo was termed as ‘groovy.’ The swift market evolution ensured subsequent logo evolution at IBM. A new logo with green background hit the market in 1982 and gained widespread popularity by the name of ‘Blibbet”. A new logo designed by Mr. Scott Baker was introduced in ’87. At the same time, the current famous four square window logo portrayed product diversity at Microsoft and was introduced in 2012.


 In the end, we can say that the purpose of this evolution is just to reconstitute their brand according to the time that’s why alivea.com is always making its mark around the world by designing high quality and professional logos.




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