How Brands & Gen Z Connected

Gen Z is a generation that tends to value authenticity, transparency, and individuality. They have grown up in a world where they are constantly exposed to a plenty of information and are often quick to spot anything that appears fake or disingenuous. Gen Z is a generation that tends to value diversity and inclusivity. Many want to see themselves and their peers, as represented in the brands they use. 


Gen Z wanted to be involved in the ideating and curating of culture-led participatory moments with the brands and people they cared about. With this new definition of sharing, brands can create novel relationships, customer experiences, and wholly new product categories, and avoid costly market missteps with Gen Z.

Few Tips on How to Effectively Connected with Gen Z

Brands should adopt strategies that resonate with this generation, such as creating fun, engaging, and sharing content. Since Gen Z grew up on social media, they enjoyed sharing content that speaks to them. 

According to Ogilvy, another strategy that often works well with Gen Z is user-generated content (UGC). This could involve introducing new features that encourage users to generate more content within the app, resulting in a more enjoyable and interactive experience.

Future Success in Marketing & Branding

Companies must find new and innovative ways to communicate with this generation. To connect more effectively with this demographic group, brands should consider creating content that resonates with their values and interests, being transparent and authentic in their messaging, and fostering a sense of community. Brands that successfully communicate with Gen Z thrive in the coming years. Therefore, they must take steps to understand and engage with this critical demographic in meaningful and impactful ways. By doing so, businesses can better build lasting connections with Gen Z, driving sales and cultivating brand loyalty in the process.

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