Hanna – Summer Edition






Illustration and Brand Identity



Brief Description

The client is a travel blogger who wanted to create a fun and carefree brand for women who solo travel. Given those cues, we designed a clean font using her name as well as a custom illustration for her brand identity.


Using a brush-stroke style typography for her name Hanna, we kept the font simple and hand-painted. The broad brush strokes and uncluttered font portrays a casual, approachable vibe for the brand.


We also incorporated a fun watercolour illustration of tropical plants, along with a drawing of a girl on the go. Because this is a personal self-branding exercise, we definitely wanted all the illustrations to be relatable and friendly. The tropical theme also tied the design back to the summer edition of the brand concept.


Furthermore, this logo and font could be used for the client’s travel blog, along with other applications for branded merchandise. With a customised, hand-drawn brand logo, Hanna’s travel blog is well-suited to appeal to other fellow solo female travellers in need of information and inspiration.