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Brand Identity



Brief Description

Fruhn is a Germany-based brewery manufacturing quality ciders and craft beers for the European market since 2014. The client wanted a new outlook for their brand, as they have plans to target a younger audience –university students and those below the age of 30. 


Carrying several flavours of craft beers, including their White Bock, Powercut, Dinkel Bock and Smoking Whisky, Fruhn is all about brewing great quality tasting beers. All their beers have a unique flavour – White Bock is strong but light, Powercut is a smooth amber lager, Dinkel Bock is full-bodied and smooth, and Smoking Whisky is dark and smokey. 


The client wanted to create new packaging designs for these 4 new flavours of bottled beer. Thus, we created a custom font for their brand logo that was strong, bold and unique with a throwback to their European roots, but softened with a gradient effect. 


We were also mindful to select appropriate colours for the labels of each individual flavour. Consumers could visually understand which colour represented each flavour, for eg. white for White Bock, green for Dinkel Bock (spelt), red for Powercut (amber), dark brown for Smoking Whisky.


Then, we added the element of fun through the use of background graphics overlaid on top of colours on the labels. The art-deco-meet-sci-fi, geometric shapes conveyed a sense of sophistication and quality for the brand. Male university students would be drawn to the cool, futuristic aesthetic, as well as serious craft beer connoisseurs looking to try out new brands.


As a craft beer, Fruhn stands out as a tastier, better quality alternative to regular mass-market brands in the supermarket and we helped them visually express this to their ideal target market through the use of a calculated balance of graphics, colours and fonts.