Food and Drinks


Brand Identity


Los Angeles, United States

Brief Description

Based in Los Angeles, Cremea is a hip, colourful brand selling coffee and creamer products. They approached us to do a full branding project from their logo, product tags to product packaging. 


The brand was developed as a healthier alternative to normal coffee creamer, but they didn’t want it to be positioned as stuffy and boring. Based on this brief, we came up with a concept of a modern yet playful design featuring custom illustrations and natural materials for a cohesive look across all items.


First, we selected a sans serif font for the Cremea logo in all capitals, along with the degree symbol to depict the temperature. We used this new logo on all the product tags and labels, printed on pink coloured card materials.


Meanwhile, custom illustrations of coffee beans, coffee filters, leaves and wordings were combined to form repeated background patterns to be used on all packaging materials. As the creamer bottles and coffee cups were already brightly coloured, we wanted a more toned down and simple logo and branding to complement it. Thus the illustrations were outlined in muted grey colour without being filled in.

Cremea’s predominant branding may be more minimalist, but the use of bright colours and contemporary illustrations and fonts portray its hip, pop-coloured, youthful image from the first impression.