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Brand Identity



Brief Description

Clyda is a new vegan brunch restaurant with a farm to table dining concept to be located at Dempsey Hill. The name Clyda came from the owner’s daughter’s name, which means energy and cheerfulness.

Likewise, the owner wants its customers to feel happy and satisfied after dining at the restaurant, with healthy food, healthy minds and healthy souls.


For this brand identity project, the client chose to have their logo designed, along with a menu design consisting of custom illustrations of vegetables. From the start, the idea was to have a chic and playful look, so we chose 1 main brand colour – pale pink to represent that. We also ensured that the illustrations were lively and filled with complementary bright colours to enhance the brand. Selecting the right mix of colours was important as we didn’t want any of these design elements to overpower each other.


We chose a serif typography for the Clyda logo to give a memorable and distinct look. We kept the rest of the design layout simple and repeated the illustrations and pops of complementary colours with each collateral, unifying the whole identity with this new theme.


Overall, the elements all came together as a modern and lively dining concept with a holistic outlook where customers can dine on fresh food and leave with a healthy mind and soul.