Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines

What is Brand Guidelines?

Brand guidelines are a set of tools and rules on how to use your branding elements. The guidelines are used by designers, writers, and anyone else using your brand’s elements like your logo to create marketing materials.

The guidelines are usually presented in a book format that covers how your brand works and how the different elements of your brand work together to form your brand identity.

What’s included in guidelines?

Since no two brands are exactly the same, the elements included in your guidelines may not look the same as a different brand’s guidelines. However, there are three common elements included in every guidelines:

  1. The color palette that your brand uses.
  2. The different typography associated with your brand including the various typefaces and families.
  3. The different versions of your logo design and how they are to be used.

While those three elements are included in almost every set of guidelines, there are other elements that can be included:

  • Graphic elements that can be used separately from a logo.
  • Symbols may be included, if your brand contains any.
  • Wordmarks are included when appropriate.
  • Brand tone is also included, if your brand has an established tone of voice for messages and content.

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