About Us

Alivea's Core Values

We Make Your Brand Alive

Today's world is evolving, and creative developments also have an impact on a brand. Furthermore, Alivea becomes one of the branding agencies that help create designs and exquisite touch that bring your brand alive.

We Oriented to Process & Goals

We love what we do and we bet on the success of each and every project we undertake. However, every project we take on is important to us, and every client is a big deal.

We Give Outstanding Experience

We take care of your projects, your deadlines, and your nerves no matter what, and that’s a promise. in other words, we specialise in developing, engineering, designing and running a world-class production company.

We Excited to Collaborate

In the same vein, our ethos is to constantly challenge the status quo and shape industry-redefining solutions in a tight-knit collaboration with our customers.


Meet Our Founder

mizui leo - alivea - about us

Mizui Leo


Since 2019 building Alivea Pte Ltd., with a wealth of experience as a sales and marketing consultant, Mizui helps companies grow to the next level, increase their user base, reach out to new markets and etc. Mizui comes up with the positioning strategy and refines it as results comes in.

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