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The Importance of Taking Care of Others with A Little Kindness

An Act of Kindness during These Trying Times - Start Your Online Campaign

A Little Kindness

Because we wants to bring back smiles to people one design at a time

An act of kindness is being advocated by a design agency in Singapore this 2020 up until the end of January 31, 2021. The agency has strategized a pay it forward campaign to help start and kick off marketing campaigns from small to medium-sized businesses. The campaign will focus on branding, design, and marketing efforts all geared towards positive branding and refreshed redesigns of business.

Everyday your customers are embarking on a journey with your brand. As the saying goes “Put yourself in someone’s shoes, and see how it feels”, the best way to learn about your customers and their perception of your brand is to understand and empathise with their perspectives, actions and point of view

We will sponsor the very first fee of 150 Singapore dollars for the first company that will use their services. After which this company will have the option to continue the chain and pay up for the next business that will avail of the services from Alivea.co. The next business or company will have the same opportunity to spread and continue the kindness or stop and get the service free.

We are hoping that with this project, they will be able to keep the chain of more than hundreds of businesses to use their services and pay for the ones that are next in the chain.

Alivea to the ball rolling by providing a 150 SGD credit for the first customer, they can choose to engage our service with the 150 SGD credit and pay it forward for the next customer. The chain will continue until the last customer decides they will avail of the service for free and will not pay it forward for the next customer. As the online presence of brands become increasingly important in this digital age, it is essential for businesses to ensure that this important touch-point effectively addresses the needs of its users.

The creative agency in Singapore will provide a live update on this wonderful journey from 150 SGD till the end of the journey. The target date of completion for the entire chain is scheduled to be on 31st of January, 2021.

We aims to create a community of business owners that helps each other business through these tough times with little acts of kindness one business at a time. This act will spread kindness all throughout. Alivea wants to bring back smiles to people one design at a time.

Today and into the future, companies that thrive are the ones that have strong business foundations and strategies, adopt technology and innovative processes, and grow their overseas presence. The Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) administrated by Enterprise Singapore helps Singapore companies grow and transform. This grant supports projects that help you upgrade your business capabilities, innovate or venture overseas. Create experiences that allow your products to stand out both on the offline or online, and become brands your customers will love.

To follow the proceedings for this project, contact us and follow updates on our active social media accounts.

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